The Life of Pi

"The world isn't just the way it is. It is how we understand it, no?"

- Yan Martel

The world isn't just the way it is. All children have the right to play. Pi is a little boy who sees the world differently.

He sometimes feels as though the other children don't get him. He is a bit tired of playgrounds having the same boring slides, and he has always been longing for something exciting.

Mom and Dad arrive to see a hilly landscape, but Pi sees a set of saucers on a mountain and runs off in excitement. He spots the gentle, winding path where other adults are strolling, but forgoes it to climb the grassy hillside to see a field of large craters.


Pi is first drawn to a crater where he saw children running around giggling to themselves. But there doesn’t seem to be anything inside the circular space. Odd, he thinks to himself. But the ground seems scatter with little black specks, and he kneels down for a closer look. Swoosh, as the sprinkler nozzles spray out mist. Cool, Pi says to himself, while the children around him are skipping happily to the beat of the spray. He will come back later, he decides.



Pi struts off to a neighbouring pod, attracted by the sounds coming from it. It’s a flat circle this time, and there are some short pillars. What are these, he wonders. He sits down on the ground, following the other girl’s lead. She taps the pillar rhythmically and suddenly it clicks. Whoa, it’s a drum! Pi realizes. Tap, tuk, tap, tuk, tap tap tuk, tap tap tuk…


After a while, a roar of laughter nearby catches Pi’s attention and he decides to investigate. Walking over, he discovers a horde of children excitedly running around a thin cylinder-like structure within another circular pod, and there are also children inside the cylinder. But the shadows are dancing, Pi exclaims to himself. The running children are actually spinning a disc inside the structure that causes a dancing effect using the moiré effect. The children have set up a game and Pi wanted to join. He never gets that feeling.


Running around so much was tiring, and Pi wanted to sit and rest for a while. He wander around the park, peering into each saucer, but settles on a holey dome where he can hide from the hot sun. The pattern made by the shadows intrigued Pi, but he wasn’t cooling down quickly enough. He remembers the mist-spraying circle patch, and wants to go back, but he passes by another pod where “street lamps” seem to be spraying sporadically. Children are running around and laughing at each other. This is the funnest day of my life, Pi thinks.





Tuen Mun Park, Hong Kong

2015 | All-inclusive Playground Competition

81 square metre

Francis Wong, Bronson Fung

Tiffany Leung, Alex Yuen, Andrea Chan