The Concordian Redemption


A Lighthouse is a guiding star for wanderers at sea.  The arch radiates a soft glow like a full moon against a cloudless sky.  The monolithic form is cladded in thin perforated mesh, allowing for the entire structure to emit light.  The slightly haunting demeanor reminds those in its presence that although safety is in reach, peril might just be around the corner.




The project is designed around a void with half of the lighthouse planted on land and the other half anchored in water.  The void represents the sense of helplessness one feels at such a horrendous waste of innocent lives.  Four arches raise the arch thirty-three meters in the air, in remembrance to the thirty-three lives lost at sea.  Embedded into a leg of the lighthouse is a spiral staircase that leads up to the belly of the beast, a cell designed specifically for the condemned captain.




The lighthouse is divided into three realms: Paradiso, Inferno and Purgatorio, represented by a wheat field, a cell and an abyss respectively.  In the middle for the room is a circular glass floor, and below a ten story abyss, above an oculus, the only opening to the sky.  As the guardian of the lighthouse Schettino is given a chance at redemption, to complete what he failed to do as a captain – guide lost ships to safety.  The captain is trapped in solitude in the realm of purgatory, even with the heavens shining down on him he is always two steps away from hell.






Isola del Giglio 

Competition | Editor's Choice


Waves, Ivan Aivazovsky


Danteum, Terragni