AArchitecture 34 - Desire - A Majong Table, A Façade, and a Hotel Room

Set in the 60s of Hong Kong, In the Mood for Love is a story of two married couples who happen to rent rooms in adjacent homes. Gradually realising that their respective spouses are having an affair with each other, they too are unable to resist ...  [more]

Tokyo Night - AA Conversations

One ear to a headpiece, we sat down with a group of formally dressed students with oversized ribbons pinned to our chests. It took a while for the translator to settle. But once it came online, the Japanese conversation was suddenly dubbed with an English voiceover. [more]

Urban Public Space Competition 2017- Phantom Surface won 2nd Prize!

An idea competition aimed at students. 
Entry is open to applicants regardless of where they live, in Japan or abroad. The competition will employ a two-stage screening method with a final screening open to the public. In the initial screening, 10 finalists will be chosen. During the final public screening, the 10 finalists will give presentations and be interviewed by judges, after which a judging session will be held and award winners selected.

Entry will be featured in A+U magazine May 2017 issue.

Greater Beijing - AA Diploma 14 - exhibited in Lisbon Triennale!

China is on the verge of overhauling the system that has divided the country's population. The plan to reform Hukou will remove the distinction between urban and rural citizenship, triggering the largest rural-urban migration in China since the country's establishment. The project is charged with a paradoxical ambition in a post-reform scenario. On one hand it offers a counterproposal to urban centres by selectively redistribute and retain rural citizenship, and on the other it takes form as a territorial boundary that contains Greater Beijing. The proposal addresses this paradox by concentrating a rural infrastructural settlement within a linear system - an alternative mode of production and inhabitation in Greater Beijing as an invigoration to the Great Wall – a rural counterpart that constitute the physical limit of urban China.

 The  competition brief asks for a new Pondorly is dedicated to host events of every dimension. The project has to create a festive place for use during the day as well as during the night. The ability to cross the bridge must be preserved. The architectural graft can assume any form or scale; however, the existing structure of the building must be retained in your proposition. The intervention should also turn the bridge into an architectural signal; a true symbol for anyone entering Paris from the south. 


"You talk about Inferno, Paradiso and Purgatorio, three words which within an Italian Context immediately spark a connection to Dante Alighieri and the Divina Commedia. Do you feel it might have been interesting to explore how these are thoroughly explored in his masterpiece?..."

Read about our interview.

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