1 year

2 years

5 years

I will be looking into extending and transforming an existing charity organisation to a collaborative model of practice


Project Little Dream

Architecture Team

5-year plan

RIBA (Part 3)

Founding of

New Practice

based on collaboration

Writing and Teaching

While working in an established practice to obtain RIBA (Part 3)

First building project:

Collaborative working shed

Reference: Studio Mumbai and Assemble in Profiles

Self-sustaining Practice

Prior Actions

- Find like-minded friends and collaborators for opportunities

- Apply for funding for research projects

- Strengthen a network of potential clients

- Find investors in building/practice

1st - 3rd year

- Begin research and writing projects

- Set-up a publication timeline for end-product

- Work in office for RIBA (Part 3)

- Work on competitions and find like-minded collaborators

- Search for site in building the first incubator

- Look for teaching opportunities/brief-writing begins

3rd year

- Set up office/incubator for practice

- Start teaching

- Publish first research book

5th year

- Re-evaluate model of practice

- Aiming for self-sustaining practice

- Publish second research book