§  Design studio

§  Seminars

§  Summer School

§  Furniture & interiors

§  Humanitarian work

§  Masterplanning

§  Narratology

§  Regionalism

§  Urbanism




§  Installation

§  Ghost houses

§  Brief-writing

§  Publication & Research

§  Lectures

§  Project writing

§  Competitions

§  Publicity

Cross-disciplinary Collaborative Model of Practice

Size of Practice

Expansion and Contraction is key to a collaborative practice. As long as there are critical meeting points and times every month, the size of the office can vary depending on the scale of projects. The office will start off as hot-desks projects, and slowly absorb more full-time staff for administrative purposes.

After office hours = Competition

To ensure a momentum for expansion and speculation, all competition entries will be done after office hours when official duties are over. A model borrowed from Chipperfield Architects. This also ensure a healthy working hours for people in the office and space for more ambitious individuals.


To ensure a successful collaborative practice, social media and online platforms will be utilised to its optimum.

- Google Spreadsheets

- Google Drive

- Dropbox